Facial Recognition- Basics

Data Peace Team
17 July, 2019

Humans have always distinguished between faces and bodies but only recently computers or artificial intelligence have started to show such feature.Read More

AI based chatbots have proven to be a boon for customer-centric organizations.According to a recent survey on customer engagement, majority of top-performing companies are inclined towards using AI to enhance their customer engagement.Read More

Why cloud should precede fog?

Data Peace Team
10 April, 2018

CTOs and CXOs in general get excited about the possibility of doing fog while rolling out their cloud journeys. In the India context this excitement is understandable as well. The country is big. Markets and operations are distributed. There are immense overheads in securing, servicing and maintaining software and hardware infrastructure at the nodes. In fact, most business leaders claim that a large part of their technology budgetary allocation today goes to maintaining the as-is in their regional hubs and further downstream nodes. Hence, the desire to quickly make everything ‘cloudy’ or rather ‘foggy’ as is the more common parlance.Read More

Cloud is Security ++

Data Peace Team
28 March, 2018

The last conversation we had was with a CEO friend of ours who was fuming that he did not even know that there were major security loopholes in his ecommerce website that hackers were having a field day with. He sounded betrayed that the CTO would always bring up additional budgets citing some security related requirement and him and the finance committee and even the Board would most happily approve. All the presentations that the CISO, who reported to the CTO, made called out the security apparatus (infrastructure, software, resources etc.) as green in the umpteen meetings and presentations in those meetings. How were he to know that these loopholes were there if the people who were supposed to be looking into them were not even aware of them. He felt cheated. He felt like an utter loser. He was in near tears.Read More

Cloud is Business First

Data Peace Team
26 March, 2018

We have been engaged with a number of clients who seek our help in getting on to the Cloud. Often the conversations are predicated on their own experiences on virtualization. Unfortunately, we find that most clients struggle to understand the import of CloudRead More